Our Business

Memorable experiences delivered with unsurpassed client-service and value.

We are the Kingdom’s leading hospitality, and food and beverage provider. With the exclusive rights to the Applebee’s and Ocean Basket brands, we create memorable experiences for our clients through great food and service.
Today, we operate dozens of restaurants throughout the Kingdom. With exciting opportunities on the horizon, we will leverage our relationships with the largest brands to expand throughout the Middle East and North Africa.
“I am excited to grow our portfolio of food and beverage brands throughout MENA – the best is yet to come!” 

Omar Mirza

Chief Executive Officer

Milestones & Announcements


Tarfeeh Launches

Diners Elite Program App


Tarfeeh Opens Ocean Basket in

Ryadh, Saudi Arabia


Applebee's Saudi Arabia Wins Best Marketing Award


Applebee's Saudi Arabia Wins Developer of the Year


Applebee's Saudi Arabia

Franchisee of the Year


Applebee's Saudi Arabia

Franchisee of the Year


First Applebee's opens in

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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