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Tarfeeh, founded in 1996, is the leading provider of hospitality, food, and beverage services in Saudi Arabia. With an impressive portfolio of restaurant chains, including Applebee's, IHOP, and Ocean Basket, Tarfeeh offers exceptional experiences through excellent customer service and value. As a result, the company has become synonymous with quality and success in the industry.

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Kamran Khan

Kamran oversees Tarfeeh’s business operations that includes overall management and expansion of the portfolio. Moreover, he is also responsible to evaluate business strategies that strengthen Tarfeeh’s domestic and foreign partnerships with leading food and beverage brands.

At Tarfeeh, Kamran’s effective leadership skills, industry knowledge and more than 20 years of F&B experience have been instrumental in Company's continued growth and success.

Kamran holds an MBA from Central Queensland University, Sydney, (Australia), executive education from Harvard University and professional Doctorate from European International University.


Mission: Achieving excellence through committed and responsible leadership, striving for excellence through innovations and team spirit.

Vision: Spontaneous choice for memorable dining experience.

Embracing Diversity, Building Unity

Our Culture

At Tarfeeh, we take pride in fostering a culture that empowers employees to excel. Our community-focused beliefs fosters a sense of unity, motivating our staff to consistently give their utmost for the benefit of our business and customers. Our team members are deeply committed to their roles, continuously seeking inspiration to drive innovation, enhance our connections, and deliver unparalleled experiences to our customers.

Building Trust, Delivering Excellence

Our Core Values

Central to its essence, Tarfeeh revolves around uniting as a community and mutually aiding one another. We are confident that through collaborative efforts, we can accomplish far more than we could individually. This is why Tarfeeh is established on a set of fundamental principles that steer all our actions.



At Tarfeeh, we strongly believe in the power of teamwork to turn dreams into reality. Our Tarfeeh team functions as a close-knit family, and we are firm believers that mutual support is the key to reaching our goals.

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Tarfeeh is Committed to Providing Quality Services and Products

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Our Commitment to Excellence

We are dedicated to achieving excellence in all our endeavors. We are committed to continual learning and growth, aspiring to excel in every aspect of our work. We believe that excellence is an ongoing journey rather than a final destination, and we are perpetually refining our skills and expanding our knowledge base.


Community gives us a sense of a shared identity and purpose that brings us together to work for the common good. Whether it's pitching in to clean up a park or raising money for a local charity, Tarfeeh is always willing to lend a hand.


We are committed to being accountable to our customers, our team, and our community. Through this commitment, we aim to foster an atmosphere of trust and collaboration, where we uphold the highest standards and mutual accountability.


Innovation is ingrained in our culture, and we encourage our team members to think outside the box and embrace creativity. Our commitment to innovation sets us apart and drives us to continuously push boundaries and explore new possibilities.

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