Our Responsibility

At our core, we are dedicated to fostering an environment where everyone can flourish. It is our moral imperative to bolster our communities. By offering after-school initiatives and forming alliances, we enable the youth of Saudi Arabia to aspire to great heights. Furthermore, through initiatives for workforce enhancement and job creation, we contribute to the prosperity of our local economies. Additionally, by forging strategic partnerships, we advocate for sustainability to diminish our carbon footprint.
By engaging in meaningful socially responsible initiatives, we are fulfilling Tarfeeh’s social obligations and strengthening our local communities.

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Working Towards a Brighter Future

Tarfeeh allocates resources to support children and their families, aiming to ensure that every child has the chance to fulfill their potential and make a positive impact on our society.

School Programs

Tarfeeh sponsors schools through a variety of means, including donations. This allows schools to offer programs that would not otherwise be available to students.

Edutainment Activities

At our diverse locations, our facilitators interact with young people through captivating activities that are both entertaining and educational, aiming to assist them in developing their skill sets.

Career Development

Our career program aims to assist young Saudis in exploring diverse career paths by providing access to educational materials, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Supporting our Future Leaders

At Tarfeeh, we allocate resources to back programs that aid children and their families. Our aim is to guarantee that every child can achieve their maximum potential and make a positive contribution to our society.